Carlye Packer is pleased to present Hollywood Angel, an outdoor and indoor installation by Los Angeles-based artist Tyler Matthew Oyer.

As a multi-disciplinary artist, Oyer has always been drawn to the various forms of Hollywood occultism IE the films of Kenneth Anger, photos by Steven Arnold, and the myths of goth-rock fallen divas, ghosts that are in timeless dialogue with Los Angeles historically, and with ever relevance to our present time.

Oyer’s sculptures – stark white, biomorphic forms pulled from the artists’ iconic drawings, woven and forged with plaster, fiberglass – reflect the California sun as beacons in the daytime and at night, absorbing the neon signage, traffic lights, and moonshine overlooking Sunset Boulevard. As sigils, they are symbols of magical power often associated with angels and demons, and for Oyer, angels and demons are never far apart – Lucifer was, after all, a fallen angel.

While Oyer’s works often reference the idea that Legends never die, using Hollywood as a backdrop, Oyer reminds us that Tinseltown can be the setting where your dreams or worst nightmares become reality; whether heaven or hell.