La Bola Negra is a multimedia performance by Tyler Matthew Oyer and Enrique Gimeno. This anti-theatre, object-oriented acousmatic performance is inspired by three unfinished plays from the notebooks of Federico García Lorca; El Público, La Bola Negra, and La Destrucción de Sodoma. As with Lorca's intentions, La Bola Negra deals with themes of sexuality, class, religion, and social critique wrapped in poetic surrealisms. We ask: how does Lorca's content take new form and meaning after nearly a century since his death? This transversal, sensorial performance features an inflatable stage and musical score by Máquina Total.

World premiere June 3, 2018 Surge Festival Madrid

concept + direction: Enrique Gimeno, Tyler Matthew Oyer
music: Máquina Total
pneumatic scenic design: Antonio Cobo
documentation: Galerna Foto