The original music of NO TEMPLE - EP calls for social change; the destruction of patriarchal rule in favor of  femme, queer, anti-violent, unconventional or maladjusted alterities. The songs call for revolution on personal and grand scales. The lyrics reference the writings, ideas, and spirits of people I consider revolutionaires, people I have located guidance in, through, and alongside: David Wonjarowicz, bell hooks, José Esteban Muñoz, James Baldwin, Genesis P-Orridge, Diamanda Galas, Kembra Pfahler, and Klaus Nomi to name a few.

The aesthetic of NO TEMPLE combines my artistic history in performance art-spoken-word with my training in opera and classical voice. 

Written by Tyler Matthew Oyer + Ben Babbitt
Production by Ben Babbitt
Mixing Theo Karon / Hotel Earth
Mastering by Heba Kadry
Additional production by Yoann Durant
Cover image by Lukas Preuss