made while in residence at Palazzo Monti, Brescia, Italy

The orbital pattern of Venus around the sun creates a pentagram shape: Venus, the second planet from the sun, is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty and is the only planet named after a female. At Palazzo Monti, Venus is depicted in the Neoclassical ceiling frescoes which date back to the 1750’s. The pentagram is also a pop-culture symbol of Satan, or, the Saturnic archetype who causes great change. These works are meditations on the revolutionary, cosmic power of femininity as it stands in opposition to the patriarchal domination of the present.

All works are made with dry pigments locally sourced in Northern Italy.

The pigments are layered onto archival paper, cut, and reassembled into multi-color collages.

The graphic quality harkens pop art, stained glass windows, and pietre dura.